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Yahoo! JAPAN Premium Ads - Terms of contract regarding advertising content (Japanese version)

Terms of contract regarding advertising content (PDF)

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads - Master Terms and Conditions

Master Terms and Conditions

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads - Advertisement Editorial Guidelines

Guidelines that relate primarily to the advertising content and quality of expression.

Advertisement Editorial Guidelines(PDF)

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads - Ad Insertion Rules (for Promotional Ads)

Ad Insertion Rules(PDF)

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API Terms of Use (Developer Program)

Terms of Use (Developer Program)

Yahoo! JAPAN - Advertising Data Usage Standards

Advertising Data Usage Standards(PDF)

Yahoo! JAPAN - Regarding Registered Trademarks

Request of Suspending Ad Delivery Based on Trademark Right

Restriction of the use of trademark by a third party on Sponsored Search

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