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Introduction of Advertising Products and Ad Placement Flow

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads

Advertising that triggers the user's action.

Two types of Pay Per Click ads; the text based ads called “Search Ads”, and the image based ads “Display Ads (YDN)”, can be distributed not only on Yahoo! JAPAN portal site, but also on hundreds of our partners’ websites, giving you more opportunities to reach your desired customers.

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“Search Ads”

Search Ads

Ads are displayed to the users who search keywords that are highly relevant to your ads.


“Display Ads (YDN)”

Search Ads

Ads are displayed to the users who are interested in your products and the service by using various targeting functions.


Yahoo! JAPAN Premium Ads

Advertising that remains in user's memory.

Impression based ads using graphical or rich media units. It is displayed throughout the Yahoo! JAPAN network.

Various Targeting Methods

Area Targeting
Deliver ads based on the location of users.
Time Targeting
Displays ads on the targeted day of the week and hours.
Demographic Targeting
Narrows down users with specific attributes such as gender and age.
Behavioral Targeting
Narrows down users based on their action history within Yahoo! JAPAN.

Tie-up Ads (Yahoo! JAPAN Editorial Coverage)

One of the best ads to increase brand awareness for advertisers' products/services. Yahoo! JAPAN offers to plan, create, and operate the tailor made tie-up websites for advertisers, utilizing its big data based on a massive traffic of the Internet users.

Main Products

'Yahoo! JAPAN PR Kikaku'

“Yahoo! JAPAN Toppage Customize”

By collaborating with Yahoo! JAPAN, one of the most popular Internet destinations in Japan, and using its advertising products, advertisers can increase traffic. We create the highly effective tie-up pages for the advertisers, enabling them to engage with their target users deeply, utilizing our great deal of experiences in developing tie-up websites based on our big data.

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Ad Type:
Creating a featured site
Minimum JPY 15,000,000 (PC), Minimum JPY 12,500,000 (Smartphone)
To be discussed
PC, Smartphone


More ad products are available. Please contact us via Contact.
*Consumption tax is excluded.
*There are some restrictions on publication.
*Description above is as of June 2014.

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