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Under an advertising contract to be concluded with an advertiser, we set a condition where an advertiser must warrant that it will not infringe on the trademarks of others when making an applying for advertisements. Therefore, if we independently find an infringement or a trademark owner indicates an infringement, we internally confirm the status and take measures such as suspending inappropriate advertisements as promptly as possible.

If you are a trademark owner and find any advertisement that infringes on your rights, please prepare the materials and information listed in the five items below and send them to us by mail.

A trademark is not a right that enables you to exclusively control all the relevant “words” themselves. A trademark is a mark attached to a product or service and is only a right that enables you to exclusively use in relation to the designated product (or designated service) specified at the time of application. Therefore, no trademark infringement exists even if another party bids on your registered trademark. If you are the rights owner, please fully examine whether your claim is legally valid by consulting a specialist, etc., before you contact us. If you know the contact information of the advertiser, we ask that you contact the advertiser and solve the issue directly.

  1. 1. Reference material that can be used to verify the identity of the applicant (a business card is adequate, if you are a company employee)
  2. 2. Search keywords and destination URL (a screenshot of the search results page)
  3. 3. Certificate of trademark registration
  4. 4. Detailed explanation as to what kind of action made by the advertiser is considered trademark infringement
  5. 5. Records and explanation of communication and negotiation with the advertiser
  • Your contact with us does not guarantee us to take measures such as suspending
  • vertisements.
  • We make decisions within the scope that is possible based on the materials you have provided, thus we would like you to provide necessary and sufficient information for us to make a decision as a third party. We will not individually request you to provide supplementary materials.
  • We will not return the materials you have provided.
  • Although we will promptly make a decision after you contact us, we will not individually respond to you about the process of our examination.
  • We only accept contact from a trademark owner itself (in the case of a company, please include the company seal or signature and the seal of a person who holds the position of department manager or above) or an agent having the qualification of a Japanese attorney. As this is a legal issue, we will not accept contact from agencies.

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LY Corporation, Advertising and Trademark Related Application Submission Office

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