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Yahoo! JAPAN - The Largest Portal Site in Japan

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  • 90% of users using the internet from their offices or homes are unique users of Yahoo! JAPAN.

    Able to reach 90% of entire Japanese internet users.

    *Source: "Nielsen NetView", PC access from home (Internet app not included ) and "Nielsen Mobile NetView", access from smartphone (Internet app included). Aggregated at the brand level,averaged from April to September 2018. Calculated by Yahoo! JAPAN from "Nielsen NetView Custom Data feed".

  • Yahoo! JAPAN also attracts nearly 70 billion page views per month.

    Providing over 100 internet services and 70 billion page views per month.

  • Smartphone users per month

    Yahoo! JAPAN has a large number of Smartphone users, 62.7 million users per month.

    *Source: Calculated by Yahoo! JAPAN from "Nielsen NetView Custom Data feed."
    Smartphone: “Nielsen Mobile NetView” Access from smartphones (including app use) average of January - June 2019 data summarized at brand level

Comprehensive User Coverage

Attract wide-range of users by gender, age and occupation. Reach to people who matter to your business, delivering the right message.

The gender ratio of men to women is approximately 7:3.
Yahoo! JAPAN is utilized by wide range of people.
*All figures are based on the number of unique browsers with Yahoo! JAPAN user ID.
Source: Yahoo! JAPAN Research (August 2015)

Advertising Solutions

Offers a variety of custom solutions to build your brand, driving the response you want.

Yahoo! Ads

Advertising that triggers the user's action.
(Engaging prospective customers effectively)

Premium Ads

Advertising that remains in user's memory.

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